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ARP Instruments, Inc. now offers a Soluble Salt Meter (SSM). The SSM (Model #RPCT-07-001) is a patented design providing a handheld, electronic replacement to the Bresle patch for surface conductivity measurements. The SSM is a patented design that provides a hand held, automated method for detection of soluble salts on both FLAT & CURVED surfaces. The SSM has been independently tested both in laboratory and Navy shipyard facilities and is approved by NAVSEA for use as a replacement to the Bresle patch method in NAVSEA Standard Item 009-32 (FY-10). 

The SSM is equivalent to the Bresle Method ISO 8502-9 as tested by independent laboratory in accordance with NACE SP0508-2010. 

Soluble Salt Meter (SSM)
(Model #RPCT-07-001)
ISO 8502-9 Equivalent
Used by:
  • Navy/Marine
  • DoT
  • Military Vehicles
  • Oil Rigs
  • Railcar
  • Steel Structures
  • Pipelines

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What is the SSM?
The fully automated Soluble Salt Meter

We are fully compliant to NAVSEA Standard Work Item 009-32.  We also are compliant to NACE SP0508-2010 

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