The SSM is a patented design that provides a hand held, automated method for detection of soluble salts on FLAT & CURVED surfaces.   The Model RPCT-07-001 meter has been performance tested by independent laboratories and approved by the United States Navy’s Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) as an alternative method for conductivity measurements.  The SSM is equivalent to the Bresle Method ISO 8502-9 as tested by independent laboratory in accordance with NACE SP0508-2010. Surface salt extraction combined with conductivity and chloride concentration measurement in one tool allowing convenient, ergonomic operation. 

The SSM was developed as a replacement for the Bresle patch inspection method (ISO 8502-6). The hand held design provides a self-contained, easily transportable unit for soluble salt measurements. The SSM and supplied fluid dispenser allow for quick and accurate injection of deionized water, extraction of surface salts, and conductivity measurement. The SSM is complete with a backlit LCD display and easy to follow on screen instructions.  All data is stored electronically and can be downloaded to any PC spreadsheet program (such as Microsoft® Excel), using the supplied SSMLink software.  Electronic data can be exchanged into any Coating Technical File (CTF).

1.Attach meter to surface
2.Inject deionized water into measurement chamber with one press of the dose bottle
3.Meter automatically agitates solution 
4.Meter automatically takes reading
- Displays reading on LCD screen
- Stores values electronically
5.Wipe remaining water from surface after removing SSM
6.Flush meter by turning over and injecting water from dose bottle.

6 Total Process Steps ≈1 minute

United States Patent No. 6,946,844 was issued on 20 September 2005 covering this equipment. International patent pending. 

Approved by US Navy for soluble salt determination in accordance with the Preservation Process Instruction (Core PPI)

Approved by the US Navy for Bresle patch alternative method in NAVSEA Standard Item 009-32

Equivalent to ISO Standard 8502-6 Extraction of soluble contaminants for analysis – The Bresle method

Equivalent to ISO Standard 8502-9 Field method for the conductometric determination of water-soluble salts (Independently labortatory tested and approved in accordance with NACE SP0508-2010) 

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